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February 2015

Feast on the Street starts it new monthly spot outside The Forum on the first Thursday and Friday from this month. I’ll be back with more of the best pulled pork you’ve tasted (and that’s not just me saying that, customers have been saying it on social media!) some mighty fine pulled lamb and venison burgers.

Best PP

November 2014

Is it almost the end of another year already?

It seems to have flown by! I’ve been so busy you can see I’ve not even had time to update this news blog!

Suffice to say there have been several new additions to the menu and some have been “retired” for the time being!

As its fast approaching Christmas and living in the home of turkey, Norfolk, I felt it only right and proper that I should offer something seasonal and of course, local for the last few events of 2014.

So I’ve come up with Pulled Turkey, or, Not A Christmas Dinner! Well, its far from being the usual turkey, stuffing and cranberry!

This dish is slow roasted turkey thigh with the addition of some BBQ inspired spices and cooked long and slow – about 6 hours or so and then shredded or pulled apart. I asked my mate Candi of Candi’s Chutney to come up with something to add to it and so I serve it with either the award winning spiced carrot chutney, or a limited edition Boozy Blackcurrant…you choose which one (or you could have both!)

Looking forward to the last few events of the year with the biggest being the Christmas Light Switch on in Norwich City Centre. As usual we’ll be setting up camp outside the Forum but there’s plenty going on. So come on down and enjoy the fun, the music and the food!

February 2014

Apologies for the lack of updates. Feast on the Street has taken up a bit of my time lately as we move forward with the collective. So far there are 15 traders from all across East Anglia who are signed up with more being added regularly.

So, with Feast on the Street events, plus my own events its been busy with administration and website design and updates.

However, I have managed to add another exciting addition to the menu – coriander and cumin lamb doners. (pics later) These are made using local lamb and spices mixed together with seasoning and onion. They are made similar to burgers and cooked in just the same way as I don’t have one of those large doner machines! Nevertheless, the taste and texture (being made with lamb leg steaks) is far superior to any late night takeaway you’ll have endured…

Look out for them at events, as they aren’t available on the daily menu.

I’m quite chuffed that aside from a group of American’s who attended an event in Great Yarmouth last year and raved about my pulled pork, in January I was congratulated on my pulled pork (made from an original South Carolina recipe) again from a genuine American.


September 2013

Its been a busy month so far – and its not over yet!

FOTS pic3 pan
The first Street Food Festival took place in Norwich on 5th and 6th and by all accounts it was a roaring success! So much so that the three of us have decided to run a regular street food festival each month in Norwich.

You can read all about Feast on the Street by going to the EDP website HERE.

In the meantime, I’m gearing up for another food festival, this time by the coast at Great Yarmouth.

July 2013

A brand new food event will be taking place in Norwich this September.

street food picMr T has teamed up with Nom Catering and Hushwing Cafe to present the first Norwich Street Food Festival.As you can imagine, we’re very excited about this and will be making the official announcement VERY SOON! So, keep your eyes and ears peeled to the website and my social media feeds.

I can tell you that it will take place on Thursday and Friday the 5th and 6th September….go on, make a note in your diary because you won’t want to miss it. If you love street food (and lets face it, in these economic times who doesn’t prefer the immediacy and value-for-money that street food gives you) and you love the sense of theatre that it gives, then you’ll certainly want to come down and sample the widest range of food Norwich has ever offered.

April 2013

8th April

New Spring Menu starts fully today. New range of burgers now include Lamb & Mint and also Venison.

The salad boxes are also now featured on the menu with a choice of dressings as well as the addition of grated cheese or grilled chicken to add to the basic salad box.

Cards acceotedWe now also take credit and debit cards for all orders over £10 (subject to a 2% charge).
Don’t forget telephone orders can be taken anytime between 8am and 1pm.

March 2013

25th March

NEW Salad Box added today. salad box

A great healthy option!

The basic box contains: salad leaves, carrot, baby tomato, spring onion, cucumber and pasta.

Comes with a choice of either French, Balsamic or Blue Cheese Dressing.

Also available with grated cheese or grilled chicken.


18th March

Difficult to work out if spring is around the corner or if winter is still upon us!

I will be making some changes to the regular menu shortly, as I’ve taken supply of some new hand made burgers. Don’t want to tell all now, but regulars have been partaking in taste tests and have given them the thumbs up!

More soon…


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