Pulled Pork



One of the popular choices on the menu comes my take on this classic American snack.

I use the word snack loosely as its a combination of a generous serving of slow roasted British pork shoulder with coleslaw served in a bun. So its more like a filling lunch item than a snack!

PorknewThe Norfolk rare breed pork is prepared with my own combination of spices which give the pork its distinctive flavour and colour. It is based on an authentic recipe from South Carolina, renowned as the spiritual home of Pulled Pork, although of course it is popular all over the USA and now the UK.

It’s a smokey and slightly warm in flavour spice rub – I can tell you that it contains Colmans Mustard powder (from Norwich of course!) but I can’t tell you what else it contains, but its not spicy. I roast the pork for at least 9 hours which makes it melt-in-the-mouth and full of flavour.

The coleslaw gives it a nice crunchy texture and I’d recommend adding my own homemade barbeque sauce. You can also have it served on its own without the bun if you have an intolerance.

Either way, its a popular choice with customers as a tasty lunchtime or evening treat.

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